Logo Design


A logo is just one element of an overall brand or corporate identity, but obviously a very important one. The perception of a company is never going to be based their logo alone. It’s products, people and general service paint a bigger picture towards its branding, but a logo can help form an image in the customer’s head

A logo is a symbol, name or trademark of a company. Logos are used by companies because they represent a concise image of the company. A picture, as they say, can tell a thousand words. People generally find it easier to remember a simple image over words alone. Our eyes are drawn to visual objects and well designed logos add visual appeal to the world around us.


AMBERTEC specialise in digital communications & connectivity. The brand was given a modern look and colour scheme with a twist giving homage to its predecessor analog signal that came before it.


Logo ideas & sketches  |  Main logo & brand colour  |  Static animation version   

“Being good at typography is an art. Good typography is art”


–Paul Rand