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Eastern Star Design is the brainchild of Sydney based Artist & Creative Director Nick Bazarow. Working across a broad range of design disciplines for over 10 years, ESD has the creative tools to take ideas and imagination through to fruition. Practicle, clean and timeless are all important points of consideration difference ESD put to work on every project.

Carpentered on a foundation of "Help Me, Help You", being hands on and up close and personal is the only option. ESD provides a professional friendly service to both big and small business satisfying creative needs with successful visual solutions. 



Some past clients: 


03 Jan 2023

ES Website Relaunch

Hi there... very happy with finally announcing and moving forward with the relaunch of EasternStar Design website and kicking off 2018 with a bang. With lots going on over the past year it is difficult to know where to begin and what to talk about. Graphic design will always be my main focus and passion but many new ideas and oppotunities have presented themselves through 2017 that are

23 Feb 2023

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